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Hello. I'm opening some slots for commissions. I'm limiting it to 5 for now. But digital drawings of humanoid characters similar to this sample is what is being advertised. More samples will be shown in a few days for more references and comparisons.

-Pricing is at 5 USD a character.
-Character can be human or anthropomorphic.
-Finished product will be given in PNG format(JPEG when gradients are needed for coloring) with width of 1500 pixels, height is dependent.
-Payment either via paypal or DA points (that's 400 points).

-You'll pay only when you're satisfied. Once the work is presentable enough I'll be sending it heavily watermarked(also in small resolution). If all is well and you're satisfied with the results, then you can send payment. Only then will I finish the product and send it to you via email or other means.

-More questions can be asked through notes or comments.

Contact via notes is preferred, but comments on this journal are alright too.
My gallery can be found here.
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Submitted on
January 22, 2012


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